Living and leading authentic and inclusive – get to know the new concept

We believe that leadership starts with oneself. It is a journey that embodies first of all self awareness and personal development. Our leadership concept has in its center the individual in its wholeness and enhances relationships. The thoughts presented are the result of a 2 years exploration and prototyping project (supported through Erasmus+).

We created a concept and a training frame, that means to

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What do you think is needed to lead inclusive and authentic?

“If you want to lead inclusive you need to start with knowing yourself and advocating for yourself”, explained Marjoe Abela, Chief-Guide of Maltese Girl Guides and Inclusive coordinator for 10 different schools in Malta. “Then you need passion, compassion, empathy, commitment, flexibility and very important the ability for self-evaluation of the work done.” She also raised the point that you need on one side technical skills, but also the ability to respond to the needs of people in this specific moment.

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