LIND stands for Leadership Intelligence Diversity

The project is a partnership between alp-activating leadership potential (adult training provider),  the University of Malta, Kamaleonte (Educational organisation working with outdoor and experiential learning methods) and Eolas Soileir (a charity working and training vulnerable adults in society).

The aim of LIND is to develop an “authentic” and “inclusive” leadership approach taking the strength and weaknesses of each person into account.

In details the objectives are:

  • To explore the topic of “authentic” and “inclusive” leadership taking the concepts of the “Multiple Intelligences” and the “5 mind of the future” of Howard Gardner on board;
  • To investigate the correlation between Multiple Intelligences and gender/cultural diversity and see how this can be included in a leadership approach;
  • To develop innovative tools and a training frame for leadership development, which supports authentic and inclusive leadership;
  • To build on the knowledge of MILD and develop the concept of “Multiple Intelligences as a resource of leadership development” further with new partners
  • To research on authentic and inclusive leadership, gender and cultural diversity and Multiple Intelligences in the partner countries involved

In a testing period in 4 national and 2 European seminars, the partners will evaluate the impact on the leadership development and consolidate the concept. A paper on the new leadership approach will be written and translated in the three main languages of the partners (German, English, Italian) and disseminated widely within their local, national and European networks and on their websites and social media platforms.

The expected outcome is that a training approach is developed, which support leaders to act more inclusive in their working environment and who are working through their own strengths. This will have an impact on the learner himself, on the partner organisation as well as on their wider national and international networks.