Living and leading authentic and inclusive – get to know the new concept

We believe that leadership starts with oneself. It is a journey that embodies first of all self awareness and personal development. Our leadership concept has in its center the individual in its wholeness and enhances relationships. The thoughts presented are the result of a 2 years exploration and prototyping project (supported through Erasmus+).

We created a concept and a training frame, that means to

  • valuing the human dimension of relationships
  • understanding that leadership is a journey and not a destination
  • allocating proper time to devote to oneself and to the others
  • allowing time for slowing down to notice what is happening in us and to listen with sincere interest to the others
  • valuing the present moment, that embodies the vision of our future possibilities
  • giving space to that human dimension that is closer to the natural rhythm of the earth rather than the artificial one of technology
  • valuing nature as a possibility to go back to our true and authentic human dimension

For the leadershiop journey, we have identified 10 characteristics or qualities that support people in being more authentic and inclusive (see picture) or read all the whole concept here.

Let us know, what you think about Authenticity and Inclusiveness in Leadership. Share how you experience and handle your leadership role.


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